Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sweet Mother's Day

I thought I'd bake a cake for my mum for Mother's Day today. Even the ingredients were happy to help me prepare a sweet surprise for my mum :). I didn't actually notice the smiley face until I looked at the photo, so it's upside down, I'm afraid.

Especially sweet decoration. The yellow and green ones would no doubt have suited the lemon cake much better.

But I just liked the pink and lilac ones better :)

No calory counting today! :)

Happy Mother's Day! 
Hope you all have/had a wonderful Sunday!


  1. That's gorgeous! I"m hoping to bake some cookies with my daughter later today.

  2. That cake looks so delicious...I bet yor mum really enjoyed it!
    I have not been blogging lately so I have missed your art and colourful posts:) , so now I have some catching up to do.


  3. What a lovely and thoughtful idea! I can see the smiley face too! I hope she enjoyed the cake :0)

  4. Truly baked with love - even the eggs are smiling! She must have loved such a delectable treat!

  5. What a beautiful cake for Mother's Day! Definitely worth not counting calories. Thanks for sharing!

  6. When I saw the first foto of the eggs in the flour I thought you were showing us an abstract:):) it is a fabulous should paint it:) Then the luscious looking baked looks so pretty with the baubles on it. Your cat timer below made me smile too....thanks.