Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Spring's knocking on my window

My cherry tree branches in a vase gave me endless delighted, but even more so the apple tree branches, as they didn't show any signs of buds at all at first, and I had already given up all hope ,when I it suddenly burst into a mass of perfect white blossoms.

But the most beautiful blossoms really are the ones on the ancient perfect-for-delicious-apple-sauce apple tree outside the bedroom window, which is knocking on my window and announcing spring with a soft pink glow.

Not that it feels much like spring at the moment. Wet and rain, and winter-coat freezing cold, - April weather at it's best.


  1. These look like the apple blossoms in my back yard - so pretty!

  2. Oh my! My first visit to your blog and it is WONDERFUL! So inspiring and I LOVE your fantastic photography you are very talented :)


  3. I;m so wonderfully thrilled that you've joined me in my Artist's Play Room. Accepting our "Artist" title is a process. It took me years to embrace it. I finally looked at it differently though, then it became easy. My quote on all APR challenges is "you don't have to be great, just create." When I realized that I've always been a creator of artwork, even from my earliest memories and that the process of creation took me to my happiest inner place, I finally realize that THAT is the definition of an artist. One who creates art, however it turns out. You must admit, there are some butt ugly famous paintings, but there is also something intrinsically beautiful in EVERY piece of art because art comes from the human spirit, a reflection of the artist's soul, her inner existence.

    If you realize that whatever you create is a part of you and if you can claim that making or even just trying to make something beautiful is one of your GREATEST joys then you're an artist in your deepest part. It's like if your GREATEST joy is putting tastes together to try and make a pleasing meal then you're a chef. If your GREATEST joy comes from nurturing others then you're a caregiver in your deepest part (nurse or psychologist or homemaker/mother or elder worker)
    So glad to have you join us in APR!
    Participate whenever you can, you're always welcome.
    Jenn of www.JustAddWaterSilly.com