Thursday, 12 April 2012

On my palette: Blooming spring

Now I don't know what the weather was like in your neck of the woods over this past Easter weekend, but here, it was pouring down with rain all Saturday, and snowing all day on Sunday. And I must admit, I  thoroughly enjoyed it. The perfect excuse to stay at home all day, cuddle up on the sofa with a hot cup of tea and a good book, and spending as much time as I wanted in my studio. Heaven. Who needs spring outside, when you have it on your palette!? ;)

I picked up some beautiful Japanese patterned papers I had ordered at the post office  onSaturday morning, and then couldn't resist to head straight into my studio and do something with them. This is half of a double page in my art journal. I only used the paper on this side, and added some tags and stencil flowers, and borders with and without modelling paste. Bright green and pink is such a happy combination I find.

But the page wasn't "spring" enough for me, and I also wanted to create a page to remember the cherry blossoms that are giving me so much joy. I would never have thought about putting a cut off branch of a fruit tree into a vase until I saw those branches in a bucket in the street, but they are simply wonderful!

I wanted to include the tag (which turned out a bit too dark) in the page, but wasn't quite sure how. I didn't want to paste it on like the others on the first page. I thought of attaching the strings somehow, somewhere on the page but at the end, I just wraped the strings around the whole journal's spine, making a knot on the outside.

On my palette: greens, yellows, reds, and blues, and of course white.

Most of all, light green and white. The perfect spring colours.

Linking this to Palette & Paint. Make sure to hop over and visit! Our host Tracey Potter always makes such a wonderful job in presenting our work, and seeing every one's palette is always inspiring.


  1. How lovely all this is! Oh colours don't we love them and all the emotions they evoke. Yes light greens and white are so full of Spring, thanks for sharing your lovely journal pages full of Spring!

  2. A snowy Easter, how very lovely for you. We had a few light showers (rain) but overall pleasant weather, mostly sunshine here for Easter. Your description of curly up with a warm cuppa, a good book and time in the studio sounds fantastic. Glad you enjoyed your break.

    The Japanese paper is stunning, your embellishments bring it to life and enhance it's beauty. I enjoy watching your journal develop and seeing your gorgeous choice in colours. I think I have said this before, you have a talent for creating beautiful work with a limited palette.

    Thanks for playing along and your kind works about my blog. xx

  3. beautiful! I"m hoping to get some painting done today for PPF.

  4. Gorgeous! Love the colors - so spring like! Really beautiful blog entry :) Abby

  5. Wow, wow, wow! Love this page, the colors and all the layers are so beautiful. You have very pretty handwritten too,