Monday, 6 February 2012

Week 50: For the Love...

... of our camera. This week, week 50, it's our cameras that are the centre of attention over at Picture Inspiration. I don't have a great collection of cameras. Apart from Canon EOS 550D, I have a an old Voigtländer I found at a thrift/second hand shop for a song, my parents' old Minolta Hi-Matic 7sII, an old Nikon FA, and my latest aquisition, and old twin lens Delmonta. I bought it last summer in London, mainly because I thought it would look nice in my bookshelf. But I also bought two rolls of films for it. Haven't tried it out yet, but one day I will. I just hope I'll find a place here that can develop those old films...

Taking pictures of this camera, and processing them into black & white, reminded me of my other blog dedicated to black & white photography, which I have totally neglected for months. I should try and bring it back to life - or maybe just give up on it and delete it...


  1. Love these images. Someday when I have a studio (or more dedicated space), I would love to acquire a few vintage cameras.

  2. I love the photos of your old camera. Looks like a beauty. I also checked out your blog dedicated to black and white photography. Loved it! You have some gorgeous photos posted there. As a BP classmate of yours I just wanted to remind you of an upcoming B&W class in April. If you take that class you could use those images for your blog! (And now that I know about your B&W photography blog I will also be checking in to see what you've posted.) As always, great work! Judy (heyjude) (