Thursday, 9 February 2012

On my palette ~ mint greens & roses

I was afraid that I would have to give this week's Palette & Paint Thursday a miss, and maybe even Paint Party Friday tomorrow as well, as I hadn't managed to paint anything since I finished my trees. But last night, I unexpectedly found myself with a free evening on my hands, and so I got out my paints and brushes and got working. 

I'm still into greens, and I worked in my art journal, just letting it flow and see what would come out of it. It seems to turn into a rose girl. The colours I used were: Olive green, Cobalt green light, Titanium white and some Mars black.

It's almost impossible to get a decent picture when all you have is artificial light available. I tried to process it as good as I could to bring out the greens and get it as close as possible to the original. The background is actually quite a nice pale minty pastel green. Not that you can see it here...

It's not finished yet, I'll be working on it some more tonight, and hopefully, I'll have it ready for the Party tomorrow.

Until then, have a look at what others have on their palette and get inspired over at


  1. oh YUM! your paint always look so lush, I just want to jump into the screen and play with it. I like that you are using such a limited palette and so glad that you were able to join in the parties this week and share your palette and painting with P&P.

  2. Just love those colours, they look edible and the painting is wonderful. Is there a hint of warmth on that lovly face...she is beautifully painted!

  3. I absolutely adore that photo of the minty cream paints all mixed and blended together. There's something that just makes me want to reach into the screen and get my hands all messy. It's quite a soothing and calming image, and I can just imagine it as a 3D canvas on my wall. Sorry, I'm not commenting much at the moment - just not really in the right mind - but I'm still enjoying (quietly) your artistry and incredibly diverse creativity. SO glad you're getting so much recognition of your skills and talent this year. You deserve all the praise. If you could be reborn as a historical artist, who would you be?

    1. Hi Nigel, so lovely to hear from you, and good to know you're still around. Sometimes, one just needs a little break. The internet can be very demanding and time consuming. I'm sometimes struggling to keep up with everything. But I hope to see some of your fantastic photography again some time!

      Hmmm, what hitsorical artist would I be. Good question. I have someone in mind, but have to think about it a bit more - and maybe turn it into a post :)