Saturday, 7 January 2012

Focus52 ~ Something New

Last night, I was thinking that I should get some kind of basket to put the rolls of paper into. I kept moving them from one place to another, because somehow, they were always in the way and didn't really have a place to live. I looked around at home if I had a basket or something I could use, but the only thing I found was a green plastic bucket. Not really something I wanted standing around in my "studio".

This morning, when I went out to do the shopping, thinking that I might see if they had some kind of decent waste paper basket I could use at the supermarket, I walked past the "Brockenst├╝bli" (a sort of second hand/thrift shop) around the corner, and what did I see, standing outside? A basket, about 40cm, which was just perfect. And at a bargain as well.

And it was also perfect for this week's prompt, New, for Focus52, another challenge I decided to try and do this year. I've been thinking the whole week about what photo I could possibly take for the prompt (you don't have to use the prompt, but I wanted to).

So here it is, my new, perfect basket. Isn't it funny how sometimes things just work out like this?


  1. Perfect. I just love it when things in life all come together.
    Your paper looks very interesting, they look hand made...gorgeous!


  2. Love the basket...and oh, that paper! Great shot!