Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Will I ever get it finished?

I found my knitting basket with some left over wool and all the knitting needles in the basement the other day and it made me want to do some knitting again. There wasn't enough left of the left over wool to turn it into something useful, so I bought some new wool for a nice, soft, long scarf. I just love the textures, and colours, and feel of wool. Quite irresistible.

Unfortunately, I'm not a very talented knitter, and scarves is really all I can do. I didn't quite realise how thin the wool was when I bought it, and now I'm afraid that I'll never finish my scarf, at least not before the end of winter. Especially as I keep dropping or accidentaly taking up additional stitches. So at the moment, the progress is three rows up, two rows back... And it's really a very  very simple pattern - just knit one, purl one (I had to look this up in a dictionary, in German it's just right and left stitches). But I still have to concentrate so much... and keep getting it wrong... :(

I'm combining two balls of wool in different colours, both to make it thicker and to soften the difference of colours rather than having three distinct stripes of colour. But still there's so much wool waiting to be knitted and turned into my scarf. But I'm enjyoing it, after all, and I'm looking forward to when it will be finished at last.

It's not really cold outside yet, and it's raining all day now, but there has been some talk about snow on the radio, so I keep hoping - and knitting.


  1. Vilket underbart garn! Och färgerna! Jag kan inte alls sticka så jag är imponerad. (Jag ska lära mig någon gång...)

    Här snöar det idag. Stora vita flingor. Det är helt vitt ute och helt plötsligt känns det som julafton :)

  2. Well you've chosen some beautiful colours and it looks so soft and cuddly (for a girl, of course!) Knitting has always been a mystery to me - I hear phrases like "knit one, purl one" but I know it's really only done by magic and witchcraft.

  3. Just keep at it, it will be amazing when it is finished. That stitch is called moss stitch.
    The wool you have chosen has a wonderful lustre to it.
    Keep going!!! :)

  4. These are such beautiful colors - I can't wait to see it when it is finished. I love the look of wool, but unfortunately I have a hard time even being in the same room with it - itchy eyes and skin : (
    Your photographs are a piece of art in themselves!