Saturday, 17 December 2011

Salzburg * First impressions

Walking along the Salzach towards the city centre of Salzburg, getting a first impression of the town from one of the bridges, looking forward to exploring the old town and climbing up to the castle.

It's a lovely city, just the right size to walk around and see everything, with lots of shops, cafés, restaurants, museums, and, at this time of the year, Christmas markets. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to visit any of the museums, or do much shopping. But I walked around the streets in the old town, climbed up to the castle, and managed to get most of my Christmas shopping done.


  1. Ah ha, good to have you back again. Love the old postcard feel to these, and especially the canvas/leather texture on the last one. I hope you had a thoroughly enjoyable time, and I'm really looking forward to more photos (and maybe a painting or two....?)

  2. Wow - those are gorgeous photos, your treatment makes me just know you found old postcards in the perfect antique store on the perfect street.

  3. Hi Katja,

    I just wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year. It has been my pleasure and an inspiration to me following your creative journey through 2011. I have been humbled by your dedication but I've also enjoyed some humour along the way.

    I have a feeling 2012 will reward you with a new and exciting opportunity to explore and share your artistic skills and creativity, and I look forward to seeing how that develops, but for today I simply say Happy Christmas and hope Santa Claus delivers you many wonderful gifts and toys to enjoy and pamper yourself.

    Christmas Hugs,

  4. Thank you so much, Nigel! And a big warm Christmas hug to you too. I hope you're having a great Christmas time!
    Thank you for all your comments over this past year, this blog owes a lot to you, your comments and inspiration have kept me going on posting when I've been thinking about giving it all up. Your photography has inspired me again and again, and I love to see that little corner of your world through your eyes. I'm going to spend some time of my Christmas break at tidying up and getting better organised so that I'll be able to get better at keeping up and responding to both your much valued comments here and your wonderful work on Flickr.

    Have a wonderful, peaceful and enjoyable Christmas time, Nigel!