Monday, 24 October 2011

Don't you just find...

... autumn so inspiring? I just love all the oranges, yellows, reds, greens everwhere, the warm light, the foggy misty grey chilly mornings, the pastel blue skies setting the trees afire in the afternoon, the rustling of the fallen leaves under your shoes, coming home to a cup of steaming hot chocolate ...

As I had to work yesterday, I'm having today off, and the day is presenting itself like an advert for the perfect October. So I'll be out this afternoon hoping to catch more of this wonderful autumn and get lots of inspiration for preserving it in my sketchbook. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Well I hope you spent a lovely afternoon, and you found plenty more scenes like these great photos. Is that just one large image you've created in photoshop, or something clever you've done within blogger to lay each image slightly over the others? It's very clever and looks terrific. Brilliant idea. Be careful your head doesn't explode with all this creativity!

    The leaves are just beginning to change colour over here which is very late. I was hoping to photograph the same tree every day for a week because I know when it changes, it changes very quickly. Unfortunately Mother Nature has had other ideas and given us a huge storm today. Right now the rain is hammering into the windows like nails, and I haven't got any TV or radio - I expect the transmitter has been damaged.

    Maybe I should just have a hot chocolate and read a book? How does that sound? Silly question ;o)

  2. Oh no, Nigel, that's too bad. I hope there'll be some leaves left on the trees for you tomorrow. I'm sure that would make a great series of photos with the changing of the tree. I wasn't that successful either this afternoon. It was perfect when I had to go to an appointment, and an hour later, it had begun to get hazy and there were too many shadows. And I completely forgot to take pictures of that bright red tree in my street. Looks like the rainy weather will reach here by tomorrow... But at least I had great fun with some pumpkins for an assignment this morning, pictures of which I hope to post tomorrow or the day after.

    Well, a good book and a hot chocolate certainly sounds like a good plan! In fact, I'm going to make myself a hot chocolate now :).

    Oh and about the pictures: I did that in PSE, simply used a transparent new file and dragged and arranged the pictures on to it and saved it as PNG.