Monday, 9 May 2011

Sweet treats

When going on holiday, one simply can't do without trying the culinary specialities, at least some of them, of the place one's staying. Even better when one's traveling around a bit, as this means that one get's to try different things. And if one's visiting two areas such as the Black Forest and the Alsace, one's really in for a treat. Well, more than one, really :)

One simply can't pay a visit to the Black Forest without trying a slice of the famous Black Forest gateau.

 The slices are huge...

...but tend to vanish rather quickly :)

The Alsace region is famous for many culinary specialities. One of them are blueberries. I love blueberries. And this blueberry cake tasted as delicious as it looks :)

Honestly, I could have spent all day in that café!

 This bakery, unfortunately, was closed. Tourists or no tourists, most shops still close for lunch, usually for a good two hours. And right they are in doing so! Even if it means that I don't get any délice myrtille.

Another speciality is the tarte flambée, or flammekueche. But I'm afraid it looked, and tasted, so well, that I completely forgot to take a picture...

And yes, I did do other things beside eat during my holiday! ;)


  1. Do you have any idea how cruel this is? I've tried licking my monitor but it's just not the same. Please send me a Feuilleté Framboises and A large Black Forest Gateaux as soon as possible. Thank you.

  2. I just gained two pounds looking at your photos ;)