Thursday, 7 April 2011

* spring *

Too tired to write much at the moment, just glad that it's Thursday night and my day off tomorrow :-). It'll be a busy day with lots of appointments though. But hopefully, I'll manage some photo time as well.

Trying out some different processing effects in PSE8 and enjoying the spring images from last Sundays morning walk.

I really like how you can manipulate the colours with post processing. I used to do all the colour effects with textures, but I'm just learning how to do them by using different adjustment layers, most of all levels adjustments.

But of course I'm not abandoning textures, as you can see, well, in basically every pictures in this post. I've even painted a couple of them yesterday night and scanned them today. I'm not entirely happy with them, though, I still have to practise and experiment a lot. (The "bubbly" one in the image above is one of them).


  1. I hope your day off had room for some rest and recuperation. I hope your health is not getting you down. It's certainly not coming through in these beautiful Spring photos. Each one more delightful than the next, you definitely have a good eye for colour - something I am never happy with in my own work. I particularly like the water shot, maybe because it is a bit different to the other Spring shots around at the moment, but definitely because it really captures the movement of the reeds and the sparkle of the light on the water, like stars twinkling in the sky.

    Have a lovely, relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

  2. Thank you Nigel. The water one was my favourite as well, and the first I processed. It also looked so peaceful there when I took it last Sunday.
    As for the colour, I think that you're doing a wonderful job with your processing, bringing out all the colours wonderfully. But I think it's always very difficult being happy with our own work. I'm never really 100% happy.