Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Snowdrops ~ The First Signs of Spring

I've been seeing lots of wonderful snowdrops already on Flickr but haven't seen any around here yet. Over the weekend, the weather and temperature were very spring like - mild and sunny. And I finally found a bunch of little snowdrops right in my street, in a sheltered corner. There the only ones I've seen so far, but even though I'm a winter girl, and would love to have some more snow before spring finally arrives, I simply can't resist their charm.

The quote is from a line from Hans Christian Anderson's story The Snowdrop. (Source: The Hans Christian Andersen Center, DK-Odense)


The Snowdrop
by Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892)

Many, many welcomes,
February fair-maid!
Ever as of old time,
Solitary firstling,
Coming in the cold time,
Prophet of the gay time,
Prophet of the May time,
Prophet of the roses,
Many, many welcomes,
February fair-maid!

It's cooler and rainy again today but I'm afraid there won't be any more snow for this winter down here. But at least, there's all the beautiful spring flowers to look forward to :-)


  1. i see these every year all over blog land as spring approaches. and every year, they make just as happy, if not happier than the year before!

    hurry spring!

    beautiful shot.

  2. i have been with you in several big picture classes and i just discovered your blog. it is so beautiful. I just love your header you created! Beautiful