Tuesday, 25 January 2011

{Day 22} ~ Centrepiece

Prompt for Day 22 for Picture Winter: "Centrepiece"

The assignment was to picture what's at the centre of our table and to "picture it in a way that says something about  you and your beloved table".

What you always find on my table are my beloved black+blum Loop candle holders. I first saw them at the shop in the Desing Museum in London a few years ago and simply couldn't resist. I bought just the one simply because there wasn't room for more than one in my suitcase (that was when hand lugagge restrictions were still extremely strict). But I managed to mail order two more from an online shop soon after. So I've got three of them, two satin and and one chrome finish, holding 6 candles altogether and I love how you can combine and interlace them or use them individually.
Some time later I found the matching fruit bowl (at the moment filled with tasty oranges). The third thing you'll always find on my table, as everywhere else in my home, is a pile of books. Some photography books at the moment.

So what does this say about me? That beside all the old stuff I that I love so much, I also have a passion for (affordable) modern design. In fact, my secret dream career has always been that of a (furniture) designer, but I've never even considered pursuing that. And that I have to have books around me at all times, everywhere.

The black+blum objects are also quite fitting in another way, as the designers are an "Anglo-Swiss partnership". Well and here's me - an anglophile Swiss. So there you go. My life on my table :-).

Texture by Kim Klassen.

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