Sunday, 2 January 2011

{Day 1} ~ Looking Out / A Breath of Fresh Air

Prompt for Picture Winter, Day 2: Looking Out / A Breath of Fresh Air

It was perfect weather for a walk in the snowy winter wonderland on Boxing Day and I walked for ages, long after the others had gone back home to coffee and cake, taking pictures. I so enjoyed walking in this area, close to where my cousin lives, on the this little dam along the river, the flat landscape, the huge sky, how far you can see. You don't really get such views anywhere in Switzerland. The place is close to the French border and if I had followed that path, I would have reached Strasbourg, which is only a few kilometers away :-). The sky was turning from bright blue sunny sky to a wonderful mid-afternoon sunset with long shadows, when I was walking back. No idea how long I had been out, but there was still enough cake left when I finally returned :-)

I absolutely love adding grungy frames to basically every image at the moment and I really had to restrain myself not to do it here well. But I think the beautiful landscape there doesn't really need anything :-).

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  1. meld mich mal auf diesem Weg :)
    hab mir mal diese ketoh (?) bestellt, allerdings noch was anderes dazu, was noch nicht lieferbar ist... die schicken aber nur alles zusammen. ist auch nicht schlecht.
    so viel zu nicht lieferbaren Warenkörben :)