Wednesday, 15 December 2010

{Day 14} ~ Sincerely Yours

Prompt for Day 14 for "Picture the Holidays" is "Sincerely Yours": Appreciating handwritten cards and letters, and trying to represent this while creating a vintage look.

 A few years ago, a dear friend of mine and I have started to write good old old-fashioned letters (those in the pictures are from her) to each other occasionally, complete with ink bottle, dip pen, seal and wax and trying to produce a neat and pretty script. We love going shopping for new coloured inks, pen holders, nibs and sealing wax. We also write text messages and e-mails, but it is so nice to find a real letter in your letter box, to know that your friend has taken the time (and it takes a lot of time) to sit down, get out all the writing stuff and write the letter, and to curl up on the sofa with a lovely cup of tea and read it.

I keep all my letters and cards (I have another friend who frequently sends postcards with short messages instead of electronic messages) in my "letter box".

When I was taking and processing this picture, I realised that it was quite a while since I wrote a letter, so many things have come in between. But it has inspired me to take time and start writing again :-).

The texture used here is by Kim Klassen.

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