Thursday, 4 August 2011

Week in the life ~ Wednesday

Wednesday, 3/08/2011. Wednesday morning and I'm back at the train station again. My train departs from the very last track in Zurich, and as my other train arrives on the very first platform, it means that I have to cross the entire station. In the morning, at least, I have enough time.

Today, I have my bicycle at the station, so I don't have to walk and I'm at the library much earlier to get my tea. The bicycle stand here at the station is usually full with bicycles of the local kids taking the train to school, but because it's the summer holiday, it's all empty.

Downloading and processing the pictures for the week in the life has kept me up until (too) late yesterday and the day before, and so I'm rather tired today. Hopefully, a cup of coffee will help...

The post has arrived, and with it a couple of books, I guess.

Lunch. I love pasta. Couldn't live without it.

Yesterday's song made me think about other songs from my childhood. The first music I really was aware of was ABBA. I loved their music. Another song I well remember is Kiosk by the Swiss group Rumpelstilz, with their singer Polo Hofer, who's still a big name in the Swiss music scene. My dad had bought the single, a 45 record. I'm sure my parents regretted that purchase more than once, as I wanted to listen to it all the time, again and again and again :). The original is from the 1970s, the video is from a recent tv show but with the original band.

The train arrives on time in Zürich, so on my way home, I have a couple of minutes to buy a delicious bread for dinner at my favourite bakery at the central station.

I'm too tired to do much, really. But I manage sit down at my desk to finish a little owl painting I've been working on last week. Just adding some words, really. It's painted on two book covers. I've painted on some covers already, and I want to do a couple more and then bind them together to make a little book. It's a kind of inspiration book, helping me to find my creative voice, or something like that. Anyway, I enjoy doing it. And really, that's what's most important, isn't it :).

And of course, there's been another episode of Terry & June :). It's on every evening during the week at the moment, on one of the ITV channels.


  1. LOL!! You love your Terry & June, don't you. In fact I'm beginning to wonder if you are trying to get everybody watching it, now we know when and where to find it! Frankly I'd be embarrassed to tell anyone if I watched it:)

    That music is fun - great for stomping around the house.

    The colours you've chosen for your owl are terrific - it's as if it's been carved out of different woods, and some wise words included, from a wise owl. Maybe your next art work could be something like The Garden Of Eden..? With a little cello music to accompany it maybe..?

  2. Painting The Garden of Eden? Cello music? My, Nigel, have you been watching tonight's episode of Terry & June?? Do admit it, no need to be embarassed ;). Well, it might be a bit old fashioned by now, but I think it's still so much better than a lot of the stuff that's on telly these days.

  3. Ha Ha! Well I had to refresh my memory - purely research purposes, you understand ;)