Friday, 5 August 2011

Week in the life ~ Thursday

Thursday, 4/08/2011. Thursday is market day in my little town. Well, by the time I get there, they're still only just starting to put up the stalls, but the bakery's always already up and selling fresh bread, buns and croissants. I always try to leave home a couple of minutes earlier than usual, to have time to buy an "Igeli" (a "little hedge hog") for my breakfast on the train.

My local train should be here by now, but it isn't. It's late, and I hate trains being late. Admittedly, it's only late 3-4 minutes, but I'm so spoilt by our famous-for-it's-punctuality public transport system (at least it used to punctual...), that I consider everything that isn't spot on time annoyingly late, even if it's just half a minute. But I have enough time at the central station to get to my train in the mornings, so there'll be no risk of missing it.

At last I'm in the other train, and it's time for my breakfast, the little "Igeli". They're sooo delicious. And aren't they looking sweet? I have to poke out it's eyes first thing though, I'm afraid. I just really don't like raisins. Poor little thing. I've taken my book out as well but I don't get to read it, as I meet a colleague from work. We start chatting and discover that we've both spent a year studying in Stockholm as exchange students some years ago, and almost at the same time. Now isn't life funny sometimes?

I'm trying to cut back my sugar intake and use honey instead to sweeten my tea. I still often forget and just reach for the sugar automatically, but today I always remember in time to take honey instead.

When I woke up this morning, I heard on the radio that it's Mani Matter's birthday. He would have been 75 today. Mani Matter is a name everyone knows here, and every child in Switzerland, at least in the German speaking part, has grown up with his song, learning them in school (and I really hope they're still doing this today!). Mani Matter was a Swiss chansonier, his songs have quite simple melodies but the lyrics are always witty, clever, ironic, funny.

Mani Matter was killed in a car accident outside Zürich in 1972, when he was only 36. But he lives on in our hearts with his songs, and he keeps on inspiring musicians in Switzerland. There have been numerous cover version of his songs as well, the most famous is from one of my favourite Swiss singers, Stephan Eicher, covering Mani Matters well known song "Hemmige" (inhibitions). Stephan Eicher is one of the few Swiss artists who's successful outside of the country as well, in France. He lives in France now, and many of his songs are in French, although he also sings in Swiss German and even occasionally English. "Hemmige" is a permanent feature at his concerts, even in France, where no one understands the lyrics, but where everyone knows it. A concert hall/stadion with thousands of French people happily singing along to "Hemmige" at the top of their voices - now that's quite an achievement! But I really think his version of the song is abolutely excellent.

I must say I find the video a bit strange, but at least for the presence of the chimpanzee, there's a simple explanation. In the song, there's a verse about the differences between man and chimp, "it's not just the smooth skin or the missing tail". Someone then pointed out to Mani Matter that chimps actually don't have tails. He apologised for his mistake and wrote an alternative line. But it never caught on, and people happily stick to the version with the chimps with tails up to this day - even in school :).
Oh and if you like to hear the original version of the song, here's the link.

I've been busy cataloguing books at the library, which are now waiting to have their shelf marks stuck on and to be shelved.

Before taking the train back to Zürich, I pop into the town of Schaffhausen to do some shopping. I don't find what I want, but at least I've got time to take a few shots. the stall in the middle of the market place is an ice cream stall. Very lovely ice cream. Very tempting. But I remember my resolution to cut back on sugar, so I resist the temptation. *sigh*

Schaffhausen is famous for it's oriels/oriel windows (is that the right word??). It has I don't know many of them, and many are beautifully decorated and painted.

Time to catch my train back. It's crowded with day trippers who spent the day in Schaffhausen visiting the Rhinefall, and I'm glad when we arrive in Zürich and I'm able to get off the noisy train. I'm tired, too tired to meet up with anyone or go anywhere, so I just head back home. Maybe there's something on the telly? Hmmmm, maybe some Terry & June, perhaps?? ;)

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  1. I've decided there aren't nearly enough cows and chickens in modern music videos. I'm now certain that there is nothing that can't be improved by the addition of farmyard animals. Definitely.

    Love the story of the chimpanzee's tail, and the thought of the French singing along to something they can't understand! I remember having a cassette of French music as a child, and my sister and I would sing along to it in the back seat of long car journeys. Of course we had no idea what the words were, or what they meant, so we just sung what we thought we could hear. I'm amazed my Dad didn't "accidentally" leave us behind at a rest stop one day!

    Beautiful architecture in that medieval town. It's fantastic to think how much dedication went into creating these embellishments for oriel windows (yes, it's the same word) - Even though with modern machinery it would be quite easy to create these today, architects and builders just don't bother. It's mostly function before design - quite sad for our descendants.

    I have been having a nightmare most of today trying to change my blog to show larger, better quality photos, but it's all going horribly wrong. I may have to seek your help soon because yours is so "clean" and good quality.

    I hope you enjoy Terry and June this evening - I have a builder round estimating some major repairs on my house, so I think that's a good excuse to NOT watch!