Sunday, 24 October 2010

The very first attempt

Yesterday, after my shopping trip, I just couldn't wait to start. The class starts on 28 October, but we are given a pre-class exercise, creating five tags (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet). Unfortunately, I didn't have the step-by-step instructions with me, only the supply list with a small picture of finished tags. But I simply couldn't wait, so I just improvised.

The most important things for the task I hadn't been able to get: the shipping tags. So I bought a set of plain folded cream coloured cards, which I cut into four stripes. Cutting off the upper edges and punching a hole in between turned them into my required tags. 
For colouring the edges and the flourish, I used my acrylic paints and for decorated the tag with my newly acquired set of stamps. I had tried to buy some coloured and/or patterned paper but somehow couldn't really make up my mind about which ones and I didn't want to spend a fortune at once buying a whole range of different colours. So I just bought a big sheet of this beautiful Japanese structured paper (the one the tag is lying on). I cut off a strip of it and coloured it green, using acrylic paint and wrapped it around the tag. I didn't like the coloured roses they had in the shop, so I bought the plain white ones here as well and painted them and glued them on the tag. Around that a strip of red packing paper with some added acrylic colour. I painted the string, simple white cotton string, as well, to get a matching pinky red. 
So, that's my first tag and first every scrapbooking technique thingy. It's not quite how it should look according to theinstructions but it's going to be my "green tag", as I'm rather pleased (and surprised!!) with the result :-). Can't wait to do the other 5 and for the class to start! What fun :-)

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  1. I absolutely loved this tag the first time I saw it in the gallery, and I still love it now that I'm seeing it again on your blog. It's so beautiful