Friday, 9 June 2017

Leaf portraits - and some thoughts about blogging

I have have not posting very much here at the moment. It's not really because I don't want to, or because I'm tired of blogging. Well, I am a bit tired of the design of my blog, and I've been wanting to make some changes for absolutely ever, but that is another story.

I've come across some remarks here and there in the past few months, about more and more people questioning blogging and/or stopping to blog altogether. Personally, I think that's a shame and I don't have any intention of stopping myself, and I want to make some changing both in my own blogging as well as blog reading practice. I still think that blogs are the best way to show your work and all, in your own, personalised space. But maybe that's also because I don't like Facebook very much (especially as I don't seem to have much control over what I actually get to see, and I really dislike having some sort of algorithm make that decision for me). I do like Instagram, but I don't like to read longer posts on there. It's just too small on my phone.

I've been spending a lot of time with all kinds of drawing exercises in my sketchbook, and learning more about botanical art. It's fascinating - and a bit confusing - how much detail there is in a leaf, when you look closer! 

And that's why I haven't been blogging that much recently. Because there simply isn't much to show at the moment. It's just that not everything one draws, paints or sketches is really worth sharing. And I also think that it is important to keep some things for yourself. To do them just for fun, play, practice, without any intention of producing something post-worthy to be shared on social media. Process versus product.

There's so many things I want to do at the moment, and sometimes I feel that I'm not really getting anywhere. There never seems to be quite enough time. Especially as at the moment, I'm also working through 2 online classes, and a book. One of the classes I've been looking forward to for months, the other one came quite unexpected, as a free gift. But it turns out to be a very interesting class that could be just what I need right now, as is the book. But it does all take up a lot of time, and doesn't leave much left for painting. I'm trying to squeeze in more time for creativity during the week. Many people seem to opt for getting up an hour earlier in the morning and use that time to do something, be that drawing, reading, yoga etc.. But I already get up at 5.30, so that is definitely not an option for me. The TV is a big time waster for me, and I'm trying to switch it off more often in the evening and use that time for more rewarding things, and only watch things I actually really want to watch - like Springwatch at the moment. I love it!


  1. Lovely leaf art! Thanks for sharing your blogging thoughts too. I like the journal aspect of blogging.

  2. Great leaf sketches! Do what feels good for you. :)

  3. I enjoyed seeing your leaf sketches. And what a beautiful photograph you designed showing all of your tools and leaves as well as your sketchbook! I was very interested to read your thoughts on blogging. I have been working on a post about this exact same thing. I agree with what you said 100%. I think it's important to have a space of your own on the internet. You can have so much more depth in a blog than in a FB post - and I don't like FB either! Instagram is fun, but I find I still don't see everything that friends share. So I end up going to their "page" on Instagram to really see what they have posted. But you CAN look at Instagram on your laptop. I prefer that to the small screen on my phone, too. Blogs feel like a calmer, more in depth connection. I'm glad there are still a lot of artists doing it.

  4. Love the composition and styling of your photo, and the leaves are marvelous! Online classes do take time but one can learn so much from them. I have two classes that I have off and on been doing for a year to several years and that's OK because there is so much content in these, and I have them on an external hard drive so I have them for ever-and when the mood strikes to do another lesson:)Happy PPF!

  5. I am with you regarding blogs. I love blogs. I don't like the thought of a machine or even other people deciding what I see, think, hear.
    Your leaf drawings are fab. Leaves are magnificent parts of the plant. Hard workers which is why they are so intricate. Have a great weekend.

  6. I love blogs, too. Social media takes control over you. I left Facebook one year ago and never regretted it. Instagram has been inspiring but i realize it takes a lot of time, too. So i try to restrain myself for not spending too much time there. Have a great weekend :)

  7. I understand you, I can find some common things here, I have had long breaks inbetween. Fortunately we can come and go as we like and have time for.. But blogging takes a lot of time, especially when you are into other challenges, as work group and studies. there is a period with fun blogging, and a period of getting tired or not have time for it. But I will not stop blogging. I might take a break, then come back.. I'm sure you will sort out what to do.
    Besides I do not watch much tv and I am not at fb.
    Lovely leaves you have found! :)

  8. Lovely leaf poetraits, good luck with your blog re-designing
    Happy PPF

    much love...

  9. Yes! Botanical art is a whole 'nother keg of worms. Love your leaves!

    I have been blogging less lately myself but have no intentions of quitting, either. I am not a facebook fan and prefer blogs--but life has just been quite busy lately. Well, either very busy or recovering from the very busy. You remind me that it's been over two weeks since I posted--LOL! As on your "address"--just follow your star. It should be the fun of sharing and not done out of obligation. Sounds like you are rebooting. ;)

  10. wonderful composition!
    Happy weekend

  11. Beautiful drawings! So true about sometimes having no work to show especially when we are trying new things and c!asses!

  12. I can relate to what you said. I have been not blogging much as I would love to for some of the same reasons and some others that you mention.
    I have been wanting to refurbish my blog as well but stuck at not knowing how to proceed!!!
    Best wishes in your endeavours...
    Beautiful leaf drawings!

  13. I totally get what you're saying about blogging... I changed mine to a new platform early on this year. It needed freshening up and I really do prefer it now to how it was. But hardly anyone I followed for so long posts anymore and comments on my own blog have dwindled to next to nothing! But, oddly I seem to get emails from people commenting on how much they love my blog... but not in the comment roll, which I find strange... I've toyed with the idea of quitting my blog as it's no fun talking to myself, but then again maybe I'm just doing something wrong because you have lots of interaction going on... It's strange really! Anyway, I'll see how it goes over the next few months and decide. Meanwhile, I get up one hour earlier just to sketch, but like you, I don't feel the need to show them :0)

  14. Weird ... I was here last week and I thought I left a comment. Seems I didn't .... This post could've been written by me, so recognizable! I think it's a shame so many people stop blogging, but at the same time I can understand it. It takes some commitment to show up regularly, and as you say, there's not always something to share, even though you've been doing creative things. It's noticeable at PPF too, there's not even half of the entries of 2 years ago anymore. That being said, I'm happy you keep blogging, as I really enjoy seeing what you get up to. Love the detail in your leaf sketches!