Monday, 4 November 2013

DIY Postcard Swap: Getting Started

Fuelled with new creative energy after having signed up for the DIY Postcard Swap, I sat down on my desk on Saturday afternoon to get started. I wanted to make collages using (up) some patterned paper and stamps - both things that I have loads of but hardly ever use.

Me and white glue have never been friends, I just can't manage without making a complete mess all over the place. Especially when having two pieces of paper the same size, that need to be stuck together. But the result wasn't too bad.

The patterned paper are from a give away I won a few weeks back. I meant to blog about that, but somehow never got round to it. The past few weeks/months haven't been very good blogwise, but I hope to make up for it again.

Some collage bits added to the backgrounds.

The back sides needed a bit of colour too. The mess I made with the glue added some nice effects.


  1. What a fabulous idea! And such lovely things to receive in the post :0)

  2. Your cards look great, lovely to receive a card like that in the mail.
    xx Monique

  3. Ah that answers my questions! I seem to have missed your recent blog posts. I never seem to get round all the blogs I mean to.