Sunday, 2 October 2011

Afternoon tea in the garden

This Sunday afternoon I did something I haven't done all year until now - I sat outside in the garden for a while.

Oh it was lovely. Just me, the warm golden autumn sun (not too hot so I'm okay with it), my diary to catch up with, a book to catch up with, and a lovely cup of hot tea.

And not to forget a bag of delicious dried apple rings, home made by one of my classmates from Swedish class, who brought us all a bag or two last week. Oh they are so yummy!

It's been quite some time, I realised, since I allowed myself to just sit outside and idle away my time. Forgetting about the dirty dishes, the piles of stuff that need to be cleared away, the dusty floors, the chartership portfolio, the preparations for tomorrow's editorial meeting, the paintings and drawings that "have" to be done in order to improve one's skills for an hour or two, and just relax and enjoy the mild air. It just does wonders to one's mind & soul!


  1. You're absolutely right - good for you! Sometimes we're too busy to just enjoy being alive, and it is so, so good for the mind and body. Apple rings sound nice!

  2. I hope you did get your storm and some cooler air on Sunday, Nigel. 30 degrees, that's a lot. I certainly much prefer winter and snow :). I've read somewhere that it's going to be very cold and long winter here. Well, we'll see. But I certainly do hope that there won't be any snow over in England this month - I'm going to London for a long weekend next week! So please let it be nice then - not too cold, not too hot, not too rainy... :)